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Computer clean-up program.

Publication: 2008 - 2011

„CPI Admin“

Psychological tests in accordance with the “California Psychology Inventory” literature.

Publication: 2005


Customer Management Program: history of communication and planning. CV (Curriculum vitae and employment) Project Management.

Publication: 2005

„Chemijos testas“ (Chemistry tests)

This program is for students who have learned (or listened) chemistry course taught in secondary schools and gymnasiums. It is useful to check the state of knowledge prior to the chemical test or chemical recurrence rate. “Chemical test” prepared by the following topics: acids, bases, salts, halogens, metals, non-metals, carbon chemistry, ion access and ionic compounds, Covalent and Covalent connection combinations compound formulation, oxidation - reduction, replacement reactions, metal corrosion, the pH scale, irreversible hydrolysis challenges, organic and inorganic compounds, aldehydes, olefins, dienes, Alkynes, carbohydrates, alcohols and phenols, aldehydes and carboxylic acids, esters, Rebala , amines, amino acids, nucleic acids, etc..

  • The program offers the Lithuanian Ministry of Education, Griffin.

Publication: 2000